12 People Tortured to Death in Syria in March 2018

On Monday, March 2nd Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) said that regime forces have tortured 12 people to death in Syria in March 2018.

Daraa province recorded the highest number of deaths due to torture with three deaths, meanwhile, two people were tortured to death in Damascus, two in rural Damascus, two in Deir Ezzor, one in Aleppo, one in Hama, and one in Homs.

According to SNHR report, “Regime forces have practiced extremely brutal degrees of torture in a systematic manner for the purpose of revenge, murder, and to get rid of the increasing number of detainees, as well as to subjugate, humiliate and fragmentize the popular uprising”.

SNHR has documented 26 cases of death due to torture in detention centers between the beginning of 2018 until April 2018, including 24 deaths at the hand of regime forces.