Activists Use Old UN Aid Bags to Wrap Martyrs in Eastern Ghouta

Activists opposed to the Assad regime, wrapped the bodies of children who were killed in Russian and regime air strikes, with old UN aid bags, in an attempt to protest against the UN’s impotence towards what is happening in Eastern Ghouta.

SY24 correspondent said that a number of civilians were killed and injured, including children, as a result of the severe air strikes on the towns and cities in Eastern Ghouta, including Misraba, Hammuriyeh, Douma, Al-Shifuniyeh, Arbeen, Al-Ashaari and Saqba, using interstitial missiles and barrel bombs.

The number of casualties in Eastern Ghouta, rose to 38 civilians last Saturday, in addition to hundreds of injuries among civilians, including many women and children.

The military factions in Eastern Ghouta announced that they were able to kill 150 regime fighters via ambushes they set up in areas the regime tried to advance in.

Eastern Ghouta, home to 370,000 civilians, has been besieged since 2013, suffering attacks and malnutrition. It is currently being subjected to violent air strikes by both the regime and Russian air forces , while also being attacked on the ground by the regime’s Presidential Guard, the Fourth Division, the Iranian Republican Guard, and the Palestinian Liberation Front.