Agreement to Evacuate Injured Civilians to Outside Eastern Ghouta

Jaish Al-Islam announced on Monday, the 12th of March, that they have reached an agreement with Russia, which was facilitated by the United Nations, that stipulates evacuating all injured civilians, and those with chronic diseases, to outside Eastern Ghouta, which has been under a tight siege by the regime force ssince 2013.

JaI stated in a press release that “Contact was made with the Russian side in order to ensure the success of our humanitarian efforts, and an agreement was reached, via the UN, on the evacuation of injured individuals in several stages, for treatment outside Ghouta- due to the conditions of war and siege since six years, and the targeting of hospitals and medical facilities which are no longer available to treat injured civilians.”

The statement also also pointed out that “We also want to point out that there is absolutely no truth to all the rumors that are being promoted on other agreements with the Russian side, and that these rumors are part of the psychological warfare waged by the enemy.”

And concluded the statement with “Jaish Al-Islam fighters continue to do their utmost to defend Ghouta and its people, and we reject any orders or directives that would achieve the goals of the brutal tripartite aggression.”