“Al Bayan School for Orphans” Honors its Students in Nawa

In a move to instill positive motivation among the students, the management of Al Bayan School for Orphans in Nawa city, in Dara’a province, honored its outstanding students for the first semester, through a variety of recreational activities which were concluded with the distribution of gifts and games.

“The school admits orphaned children and children of martyrs and detainees from the city, and we try to compensate them for what they have lost,” Mr. Mohammed Al-Amarin, one of the teachers at Al-Bayan school told SY24. “We try to instill a positive approach to teaching, and let them know that there are those who stand by them to achieve success.”

Al-Amarin added, “The school follows the Free Directorate of Education in Dara’a Province. According to its figures, there are 530 students currently in schools of the basic education stage, supervised by a cadre of 43 teachers of all education specializations.”

Al-Amarin confirmed that the school administration provides transportation for students, as well as a daily breakfast, and also provides them with stationary, including books, pens, notebooks and uniforms.