Children Exhibit their Art in Al-Muqawama Camp North of Aleppo

World Vision organization has organized an art exhibition titled ‘Martyr Mohammad al-Saadi’ in al-Muqawama IDP camp in northern rural Aleppo.

Al-Tawheed, Ahl al-Sham and al-Muqawama camps participated in the exhibition which featured paintings and handicrafts.

Mohammad al-Atrash, the supervisor of child protection team at World Vision organization, said, “The exhibition shows children’s work and creativity. The idea of the exhibition is to create a space for children who have been traumatized by war to express themselves and their childhood”.

Al-Atrash added, “The exhibition included art painting and handicrafts made with recycled materials”.

Martyr Mohammad al-Saadi exhibition was attended by a number of humanitarian organizations, revolutionary actors and a number of residents of IDP camps in northern rural Aleppo.