Contaminated Water and Drinking Water Shortage in Al-Rumeiyleh in Raqqa

Residents of Al-Rumeiyleh neighborhood in Raqqa city suffer from a shortage in drinking water due to the lack of repair of the main water network, which was damaged during the battles of ousting Daesh from the city.

A civilian from Al-Rumeiyleh told SY24, “We have been drinking from this stream since four months, and now you see our children and the women in the neighborhood transporting drinking-water from the stream. We buy the water barrel for 300SYP.”

The residents currently depend on transporting water in person, or they buy the water from mobile reservoirs. Except that the water is unsanitary, and is not fit for drinking and has caused several illnesses among citizens, especially children.

Another resident of Al-Rumeiyleh told SY24, “Resident from Al-Rumeiyleh
I am from Al-Rumeiyleh neighborhood, and water is contaminated, even the water we buy from reservoirs contains green mold.”

Some humanitarian NGOs have begun to work on the rehabilitation of the water network to provide citizens with drinking water.