First Gender Reassignment Surgery to Be Performed in Syria

The lawyer of the plaintiff, Nour Sitteji
The lawyer of the plaintiff, Nour Sitteji

A Syrian woman was granted the approval of the regime’s Civil Affairs court to undergo a Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS).

The court has also instructed the civil registry in Damascus to adjust the plaintiff’s civil registry records accordingly, in particular, the birth registry no. 10718 dated 08/06/1981.

Media outlets quoted the transgender emphasizing, “I was granted an approval from the court to change my gender and my name from female to male”. The plaintiff has submitted a GRS petition after she started noticing changes, that do not align with her gender, occurring to her body without taking any medications or hormones.

“I consulted several doctors, they all confirmed that I had male genital retraction”, she added. “After conducting the necessary blood tests, and consulting a psychiatrist. The doctors unanimously agreed on the need of GRS”.

The lawyer of the plaintiff, Nour Sitteji, stated, “I faced some difficulty in getting a power of attorney. Therefore, I referred this case to the lawyers’ syndicate as it is a unique case. After explaining the issue, the power of attorney was granted”.

“This first of its kind case has caused a state of confusion at the courts. We resorted to the civil affairs court, submitted the necessary documents, and eventually, she underwent the clinical examination”, According to the lawyer.

Sitteji added, “According to specialists, she is classified as a true hermaphrodite having both male and female chromosomes. However, with age, the male genitals began to retract. Therefore, she doesn’t have male nor female genitals, as confirmed by the medical experts”.