Free Police Organizes Awareness Seminar about War Remnants and Security Threats in Rural Daraa

Al-Naimah Free Police in rural Daraa has organized an awareness seminar for the women working for Al-Amal Association for Women Empowerment.

The purpose of the seminar was to raise the awareness of the attendees about the dangers of war remnants, and to discuss the security threats women face in rural Daraa while on duty.

Lieutenant Colonel, Mohammad Mafaalani, chief of Umm al-Mayazen free police station, told SY24, “With coordination with the Syrian Civil Defense (SCD), the free police have organized an awareness seminar about the dangers of mines and war remnants, and how to handle them and inform the relevant authorities. We have also discussed kidnapping cases and the necessary measures to reduce this phenomenon”.

Mafaalani stressed that war remnants continue to endanger civilians as they have caused many injuries among them. He also indicated that the discussion of kidnapping cases was due to the increased number of kidnapping incidents in Horan region.

SCD, in turn, has introduced the attendees to ‘al-Rasid’ or Sentry service, which is an early-warning system that provides updates of aerial activity and potential strike, particularly with the regime’s recent military escalation.

Fatima Mohammad, a female attendee, told SY24, “The seminar is very useful. We have been provided with the needed expertise and information on how to deal with strange objects and suspicious people, and how to inform the relevant authorities. The SCD has also introduced us to the early airstrike warning system. We hope these courses will continue to raise the awareness of the community at all levels”.