Horrific Crime, Doctor and Her Daughter Killed, their Bodies Mutilated in Rural Damascus

Western rural Damascus has witnessed a horrific crime where a doctor and her daughter were killed and their bodies mutilated, pro-regime media outlets reported.

According to media reports, Dr. Lara Shehada and her 5-year-old daughter have been killed by unknown assailants at their home in regime-held Zakiyah city. The assailants have also mutilated the bodies of the victims.

Eye-witnesses noted that the bodies of the victims have been severely mutilated.

Meanwhile, investigations indicated that robbery could have been the motive behind the murder. The assailants have stolen nearly 20 thousand USD, 5 million SYP, in addition to a large quantity of gold items.

Note that, the Syrian regime has taken control of Zakiyah city in late 2016 after forcibly evacuating the city’s residents and fighters.