HTS Uses Civilians as Human Shields

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) has used protestors from al-Abzimo town as human shields during its incursion into Syria’s Liberation Front (SLF) positions in Toqad town in western rural Aleppo.

Local sources told SY24, “Protestors from al-Abzimo town took to the streets heading to Toqad town in western rural Aleppo, and calling for an end to the infighting. However, upon arriving to Toqad town, HTS militants infiltrated the protest and several tanks and heavy vehicles drove behind the protestors”.

Sources added, “Despite the presence of hundreds of civilians and children in the protest, HTS shelled the entrance of Toqad town within just tens of meters of the protest, before it launched its incursion into the town. The incident left three children injured, and forced protestors to take refuge in the farmlands for three hours”.

Note that, HTS is using heavy weapons in shelling SLF-held cities and towns, killing more than 15 civilians. Meanwhile, four civilians have been killed in SLF shelling of HTS positions in western rural Aleppo.