Human Rights Report: 1241 Civilians Killed in Syria During the Month of March

The Syrian Network for Human Rights documented that 1241 civilians were killed in Syria, 68% of them in Eastern Ghouta by the Syrian regime during March of 2018.

The report of the network reported on 1 April that 914 people were killed, including 203 children and 186 women, or 73.65% of the total. Russian forces also killed 92 people, including 46 children and 14 women.

Islamist militant groups killed 39 people, including 10 children and two women (Daesh killed 30, HTS killed 9). 34 people, including 7 women, were killed by the YPG.

The report confirmed that there are many cases that the network has not been able to access and document, especially in cases of massacres and the sieging of towns and villages, because of the Syrian regime’s prohibition of any human rights organization to work on its territory.

3404 civilians were killed since the beginning of 2018 till this moment, of which 80% were killed by the Russian and regime forces.