Launch of Solar Street Lighting Project in Rural Aleppo

The stabilization committee has begun executing solar street lighting project in al-Bab, Jarablus, Akhtarin and Soran cities in northeastern rural Aleppo.

Nearly 600 light points will be installed in the aforementioned cities.

According to local sources, “The project will be executed by the stabilization committee as a support to the local councils in al-Bab, Jarablus, Akhtarin and Soran”.

The project aims at relying on renewable energy and optimizing its use to provide services and lighting main and side streets. The project also serves as a milestone in infrastructure building in these communities.

Furthermore, the project will help in providing security and safety to citizens, and in facilitating their movement between cities at night. The project will also help in decreasing the financial expenses consisting of purchasing electricity needed for street lighting from generators.

Solar street lighting project will contribute in increasing commercial activity as well as enhancing mutual trust between local councils and residents, add to that the improvement of the level of stability and safety and its role in decreasing robbery and theft incidents.