Photos: Major Losses in Republican Guards Ranks in Eastern Ghouta

Jaish al-Islam announced foiling the regime’s attempt to advance on the fronts of eastern Ghouta, inflicting major losses on the republican guards and allied militias ranks.

Jaish al-Islam announced that its fighters “have succeeded in killing more than 25 troops and capturing a number of others, in addition to destroying an armored vehicle-launched bridge, and seizing a T-72 tank. This has occurred after regime forces and allied militias had attempted to advance on the front of Hosh al-Dawahiraa”.

Moreover, Jaish al-Islam published, on its official accounts, photos showing dozens of republican guards troops killed during the clashes on the fronts of al-Zreiqiyah, Hazrama, Hosh al-Dawahira and al Rihan.

Correspondingly, Russian warplanes targeted al-Shifoniyah and Beit Sawa towns. Meanwhile, military helicopters dropped barrel bombs on Harasta city, in conjunction with regime forces targeting the residential neighborhoods in the city with more than 20 surface-to-surface missiles.

Similarly, dozens of artillery and mortar shells rocked Duma city, killing a mother and her two children, and injuring others.

It’s worth mentioning that, UN Security Council, acting unanimously on Saturday, adopted a resolution demanding parties to Syria’s seven-year-long conflict to cease hostilities without delay for at least 30 consecutive days, lifting of sieges and the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid.