Raqqa Returnees Still Await Water and Other Utilities

The humanitarian situation in Raqqa is dire with no water, or electricity. Water grid is inoperable, it had been damaged during Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) battle to defeat ISIS in Raqqa.

Local sources told SY24, “Raqqa residents are forced to buy water from water tankers, which is costly and beyond their modest means. Water has become a new burden to endure”. Sources indicated, “An average family using five barrels of water pays 1,000 Syrian pounds”.

One resident said, “I returned to Raqqa nearly five months ago. Raqqa is still without electricity and running water. Add to that the piles of rubble in the streets”.

Some service authorities have already commenced the work to repair the water grid. The slow pace of work, however, makes it unlikely for Raqqawis to have access to water in the near future.