Regime Activates E-Payment of Electricity Bills

Quoting Abdulwahab al-Khatib, the director of the General Establishment for Electricity, regime media outlets reported that the system for electronic payment has been introduced.

According to al-Khatib, “The system was initially introduced in four provinces; Damascus, rural Damascus, Aleppo and Homs. Payment is currently made at the electronic payments centers”.

He also emphasized, “Real Estate Bank (REB) and Commercial Bank of Syria (CBS) are currently coordinating with the Ministry of Electricity to implement E-payment process allowing electricity subscribers who have accounts at these banks to access E-payment service”.

Al-Khatib indicated, “Syrian Electronic Payment Company (SEP) will be in charge of linking all public and private entities, i.e. the Ministry of Electricity and private banks to enable subscribers who have accounts in private banks to use the E-payment service”.