Residents of Northern Rural Hama Protest Against Forced Displacement of Northern Homs Residents

Residents of the towns and villages of northern rural Hama on Tuesday took to the streets to protest against plans by the Assad regime and Russia to forcibly displace the local population of the adjacent northern rural Homs.

Demonstrators praised the steadfastness the Free Syrian Army groups are showing as they are confronting an all-out military campaign in which the Assad regime and Russian forces are using various types of weapons, including the internationally prohibited incendiary weapons in the bombardment of the region.

Demonstrators marched through the streets of the towns of Tallif and Aqrab, chanting slogans in solidarity with residents of the towns and villages of Al-Houla, Al-Rastan, and Talbeesa. They condemned the military operations Russian is carrying out in the area with the aim of forcing the local population to choose between leaving their homes or facing death.

The Syrian Coalition said the onslaught on northern rural Homs and southern rural Hama is “a continuation of the long series of mass forced displacement and demographic change operations the Assad regime, Russia, and Iran are carrying out in Syria.”

The Coalition called on the United Nations to document these crimes as it stressed the importance of reaching a solution that includes obliging the Assad regime to allow the return of the displaced persons and refugees to their homes.

Rights groups have documented the displacement of more than half a million civilians by the Assad regime in recent months, stressing that such an act constitutes war crimes and violates international law.