Syrian activists Raed Fares and Hamoud Juneid killed in rural Idlib

Today morning, two prominent media activists were shot to death in southern rural Idlib. The perpetrators of the attack are unknown.

SY24 correspondent confirmed that media activists Raed Fares and Hamoud Juneid were shot dead by unknown armed men in Kafranbel city in rural Idlib.

Many pinned the blame for the killing on Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

Fares was a prominent figure in the Syrian revolution since 2011. He worked in documenting hundreds of demonstrations in Kafranbel city before he and other media activists established Radio Fresh in 2013.

Juneid was also a media activist. He worked as a press photographer for Radio Fresh.

Their killing comes nearly two years after media activist Khaled al-Issa was killed in a mine explosion in Aleppo city.