Syrian Actor Jihad Abdo Goes on a Hunger Strike

Syrian actor Jihad Abdo, known for his committed stance with the Syrian opposition, released a video on his personal page, announcing a hunger strike, marking the seventh anniversary of the Syrian revolution, which has entered its eighth year.

In the video, Abdo’s wife, Fadia Afash, a human rights lawyer, appears with the actor, as they both are seen carrying signs that say “It has been seven years of constant killing in Syria, longer than World War II”.

They add “We are declaring an open hunger strike to demand urgent actions, to stop the killing in Syria. This hunger strike is our peaceful solidarity with all victims who have no voice”.

Abdo invited everyone who viewed his message to join the hunger strike campaign, to draw the attention of the world to stop the bloodshed in Syria.

Abdo currently lives in the United States of America after he left Syria in 2011, during which he was subjected to security harassment from the Syrian regime’s security intelligence, and worked since his arrival in America in a pizza shop, to later work in his field in cinema.

He had starred alongside actress Nicole Kidman in “Queen of the Desert”, and played other roles in Hollywood films.