Syrian Regime Buries its Soldiers Killed in Eastern Ghouta

Dozens of regime soldiers, officers and volunteers have been killed in the fighting in eastern Ghouta in rural Damascus and in various parts in Syria.

Pro-regime media outlets reported: “Last March, the villages and towns in rural Hama have witnessed funeral processions of 116 troops, including 17 officers”.

According to outlets, “80% of the troops killed have lost their lives in eastern Ghouta and al-Qadam neighborhood in Damascus”.

Pro-regime media outlets have previously reported that nearly 40 Russian officers and soldiers had been killed in the fighting in eastern Ghouta.

It’s worth reminding that in the past few months, regime forces and allies have launched a large-scale military offensive against the besiege eastern Ghouta. The military offensive has resulted in thousands of civilians killed, in addition to forcibly displacing the majority of its residents.