For Syrians: Death Comes in Different Shapes and Sizes

Noor, Om Ghassan’s youngest children, cannot hear or speak
Noor, Om Ghassan’s youngest children, cannot hear or speak

Three years have passed since Om Ghassan left her destroyed home in Om Al Awsaj town north of Daraa. She didn’t know then that her nightmares are yet to worsen.

Om Ghassan, a 50-year old woman, along with her elderly mother in law, her 70-year old husband, and their three children with special needs, fled to Jassem city in rural Daraa. She eventually found a tiny house to accommodate her desperate family. Next to the house, Om Ghassan keeps wooden sticks and some firewood to keep her family warm.

Noor, Om Ghassan’s youngest children, cannot hear or speak. She also suffers from several chronic diseases, including hepatitis, cardiac ischemia and kidney failure which forced this innocent child to rely on daily doses of expensive medications, and on dialysis every 3 days, just to stay alive.

Mohammad and Ahmad, the 23-year old twins, suffer from brain damage since birth. The damage has left them completely dependent on their mother’s care and on their regular dozes of tranquilizers.

“We are enduring difficult conditions here” Said Om Ghassan to SY24. “We don’t have a sponsor. No organization has offered any help for these disabled children. I used to think that the bitterness of displacement ends when finding a house, oh how wrong I was… The hardest thing is to run away from death by shelling to come face-to-face with another death, harsher and colder”.

“I can’t do anything to them. I can’t go and ask people for money to feed them or to buy medications! My husband can’t do anything, neither can his mother, she is old and disabled”. Om Ghassan continued.

“From one death to another”, that’s how Om Ghassan describes her journey after she was forced to take her family and leave their home, only to find themselves in harsher and more difficult reality.

Om Ghassan, through SY24, calls upon the humanitarian organizations to look into her situation as in hundreds of other Syrian families who, just like her, fled death in shelling to death in all shapes and sizes.