They were screaming and crying at the top of their lungs… SY24 correspondent recounts terrifying details about children trapped under rubble in rural Idlib

SY24’s correspondent captured shocking photos of a father trying to rescue his children who were trapped under the rubble of their home in Ariha town in rural Idlib. The images spread like wildfire as they illustrate the ongoing crisis in Idlib province.

Following the airstrikes, our correspondent, Bashar al-Sheikh, headed to the scene and saw three children trapped under the rubble. The airstrikes had hit their building and they had fallen from the fifth floor to the ground. They were screaming and crying, asking rescue teams to save them.

Bashar switched off his camera, and rushed to their rescue. He pulled them out, took them to a car nearby, and headed to the Red Crescent hospital in Ariha. But the hospital couldn’t offer them any assistance due to the lack of resources.

The Red Crescent hospital referred them to al-Shami hospital in Ariha. There they received first aid and were transferred to al-Muhafaza hospital in Idlib city.

SY24’s correspondent was not able to communicate with al-Muhafaza hospital where the children are currently being treated. However, he reassured us that their situation was stable.

Today’s aerial attack on Ariha today killed a mother and her child, and injured more than 5 others, including the children who were filmed.

SY24 wishes safety to all our correspondents and civilians currently amidst the brutal military campaign of Russia and the regime in Idlib.