Tishrin University in Lattakia Without Water

Tishrin University in Lattakia
Tishrin University in Lattakia

The students of the regime-controlled Tishrin university in Lattakia have protested the frequent water cuts at the university. Students have also emphasized that when water comes, it is usually saturated with chlorine which gives it a white color.

Local media outlets reported, “The students of Tishrin university in Lattakia are suffering from water cuts and lack of sufficient water, which often forces them to purchase water from water tanks”.

“The main reason behind the increased rationing of water is the rationing imposed by the water supply authority and the damage in water infrastructure, in addition to the increased consumption, and the scarcity of water”, according to Eng Issa Sheikh Suleiman, the director of the engineering department at the university.

Sheikh Suleiman added, “Last summer, there was a water scarcity throughout Lattakia province, which affected the university and forced us sometimes to bring water tanks to cover the basic needs”.

He indicated, “According to studies, there is no groundwater at the location of the university, therefore, well drilling cannot provide water”, emphasizing, “The alternative solutions lie in increasing water reserves and finding new resources whether from as-Sinn river or other areas”.

Sheikh Suleiman also emphasized, “The white-colored water is due to the use of chlorine as disinfectant for water, and it does no harm to the students’ health, on the contrary, it is to ensure their safety”.