Yousef al-Bustani tells SY24: Assad’s Syria has Ceased to Exist and Russians Continue Humiliating Regime Officers

Yousef al-Bustani, Media Activist
Yousef al-Bustani, Media Activist

Waves of IDPs continue to arrive from Douma to northern Syria after an agreement was made between Jaish al-Islam and Russia.

“When we talk about a small area surrounded by Iranian and Russian militias, the Assad regime, Afghan and Iraqi militias, mercenaries and shabiha, civilians will take the first chance they get out after six years of bombardment and siege”, media activist Yousef al-Bustani told SY24. He added, “No one should question the fact of why they left”.

Furthermore, al-Bustani said, “Hundreds of those civilians suffer from various diseases and injuries, including psychological trauma. Additionally, the international community has let them down, as dozens of resolutions called for an end to the siege, and de-escalation agreements were made, and yet none achieved any positive results. People have been let down, and are fleeing for that reason.”

“Previously, the Shabiha gave Syria the name ‘Assad’s Syria’, but now we see how the Russian officers are toying with Assad’s officers. Syria is no longer Assad’s Syria, but Putin’s Syria , or can be Khamenei’s Syria. The regime officer has lost his value, as one Russian officer can order a regime officer about and tell him to ‘shut up’ or ‘back off’.

“Today, Syria is an occupied country, there is no Assad regime. I would like to send a message to the oppressed Syrian people, who sacrificed half a million martyrs. You are people who triumphed over the Assad regime, but are occupied by Russia. When Russia leaves this regime will be toppled.”

Al-Bustani continued: “I have spent two days without food, I know families who spent a week without food, and on many occasions, even a glass of water became difficult to obtain. In Hammouriya, for example, when the residents were trying to run errands, they were bombarded by war planes, and hundreds of civilians were killed, wounded and went missing. ”

Not all residents in Eastern Ghouta left. Many families have not yet left the city of Douma, and remained in the city, awaiting their fate.